SAD or Seasonal Affected Disorder is no joke, I can testify to that! It's been a very difficult seasonal adjustment for me. These dark shorter days have been so hard to bear.  And they seem to affect me more deeply every year.  I am a child of the sun.  

But, I gave myself a good shake and decided to decorate the living room (if you've been following me on instagram, you'll have seen the shade of grey I eventually went with). And changed my dull yellow bulbs to daylight ones - which my daughter thinks make the room look like something out of a Space Odyssey.  It is helping.  Slowly.  All this redecorating is also a sign that I am finally beginning to settle here.  It's only been 18 months, but if you've been following me on my old Rhubarb in the Garden blog, you'd know I have moved house several times recently and twice after only 6 months stay.  So 18 months seems quite the commitment! 

Because of that, the boxes under the bed have been dusted off and I am revisiting old work.
My natural dye projects resulted in these collages during the Summer - and now that they are back from a brief sojourn and I am offering them at a reduced price in the shop...

But that is not the real news....

I have rediscovered my ceramic jewellery.

I have fallen in love with them all over again and am amazed they have been neglected for so long.  I am even hatching plans to connect with the local University to 'share' some kiln space, so that I can explore this love once again.

I haven't forgotten my painting - it's been a long slog, but the work I did during the Summer is all framed and ready to hang (just waiting on the venue's clearance for a date - hopefully very soon - there seems to have been a lot of red-tape!!) I am falling over work in this tiny terraced house and will  be glad to see them out in the real world.

Please accept my apologies for the long absence and silence due to the difficulties of SAD which I realize that I suffer from and hope that you have missed me as much as I have missed you!


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