Spending the next few days preparing these paintings (taken on  my android phone so apologies for poor quality) and more for an exhibition space...
Having mixed feelings about letting the work go - does every artist feel that way?

It's a very dark and grey day here today - and probably for the rest of the week.
Trying to find the light (in more ways than one)

The shop is on hold for a little while longer since most of the work is getting an 'airing' in the real world!!
And I will have to reshoot the remaining work with higher quality digital images.

Just a thought - should I offer the work framed or keep the prices down by offering them unframed?
Would appreciate some feedback about this...


I love the new shop layout ! The dark make your gorgeous paintings pop even more !
About the frames ... yes, I think you should keep the choice of buying them unframed.
Big hugs oxox

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