Clare Twomey

I visited the "fragile" ceramic exhibition with my daughter Emilie on the last weekend before it closed.
We missed the floor tile piece by  Clare Twomey, that my son Josh was lucky enough to have experienced.
Fresh bone china clay tiles were laid out on the floor and visitors then invited to walk across them.
My son was talking to one of the security people that had helped lay them out that day - he said how desperately he wanted to be the first to walk across the tiles - but of course was not permitted.  Josh asked if he could bring a few fragments home with him.

There was a lot of participatory elements to the show.  Keith Harrison's "Mute" captured Emilie's heart.  She played Louis Armstrong and watched as the clay slip dishes vibrated in front of the speakers placed into the wall.  The other three sides of the wall were covered in gold tiles.  This part of the exhibition piece was the most fascinating for me.  I was captivated by the reflections within the walled tiles and the reflections cast about the room.

24 bricks from 18th and 19th Century Welsh manufacturers.

I enjoyed this exhibit very  much, as I recognize the names of the places well, and my parents have a Cyfarthfa brick with the name of the brick still visible in their front wall.  I love how they are displayed tonally, like an abstract painting or a three dimensional Sean Scully.  

Perhaps the most moving exhibit was this piece by Iraqi artist Halim al-Karim.  I'll let you read about the piece yourself (hopefully you can read it)  I was ashamed to say I thought it was flaky pastry at first!!

I also adored how the steel circle of bone chine trimmings from tableware by Welsh artist Carwyn Evans and the wall of Edmund de Waal pots were placed side by side here.

Sometimes I wish I had gone for the MA in Ceramics....


So intriguing and interesting, thanks so much for taking us there with you !
Annie Cholewa said…
Re. the MA ... if you had the world would have been deprived of your fabulous paintings!
jo headington said…
You are so kind Annie. Thank you. xx

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