Preparing for the shop update tomorrow..

Acrylics on paper and a couple of small canvases too. looking pretty for the shop update tomorrow.  It's been good to revisit these small works after working on the larger canvases.

I say large, 80x80cms does not seem that large in the world of abstract painters - but it seems massive in my kitchen!

I have had a painful and frustrating few weeks (days?) it feels like months - working out my painting - staying true to the moment and to what I want the painting to express.  I feel today that it came together, in the quiet of the early morning harvest moon - two paintings were completed (for now) in the space of half an hour! I'll share them with you sometime this week, when the light is good enough to take some proper photographs of them.



I'm glad you could end your paintings without any more frustration ! Damn art ! LOL
Looking forward to seeing your new works !
jo headington said…
Thank you Sonia!
The most frustrating pieces are the larger canvases I'm preparing for exhibition :)
I hope you find something you enjoy!
hugs dear friend

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